The Healthy Pet Blueprint 🐾

Learn how to keep your pets healthier, from the inside out, so that they can stay healthier and live longer (free from allergies and chronic diseases!)

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What is inculded in the Healthy Pet Blueprint? 

When you join, you get lifetime access to the course, which includes all of the modules listed below! It is all online, you can take it at your own pace, and you can access it anytime you want!

Module 1: Most important concepts

Dr. Jenny takes you through the 3 most important concepts you need to understand, before you can help your pet become or stay as healthy as possible!

Module 2: Diet and nutrition

What should you feed your pet? What is the best brand of food? What should you give them to ensure they stay as healthy as possible?

Module 3: Supplements

What supplements are important for your pet? How can you use supplements to help them stay as healthy as possible?

Module 4: Other External Substances

How do we handle living in a world of Western medicine? What should we do about medications and vaccinations? 

Module 5: Other Modalities

What if your pet needs a bit more help? What else is out there to help them? How do those fit into keeping your pet healthy?

Module 6: More!

Dr. Jenny talks about specific cases and how she has dealt with certain situations, to help give you insight into your own pet! 


Including information on whether to spay or neuter, how to muscle test, how to prevent allergies in your pet, and more!

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Dr. Jenny Elwell-Gerken is a holistic veterinarian based out of Utah and Montana. Once upon a time, her own dog had diarrhea for 2 years, and neither she nor any of the other vets she worked with could help her! She is passionate about helping pet owners keep their pets healthier, from the inside out, so that they don't have to suffer from chronic diseases like allergies and more!